How To Give Notice When Moving Out Of Charlotte Apartments South End


When you decide to move out of Charlotte apartments South End, it’s important to provide notice to the management team of your desire to leave. Failure to do so may not only forfeit your security deposit, but it may result in property management taking legal action against you.

Apartment Leases

Apartment leases often have a clause that may automatically renew your lease or it can continue on a month-to-month basis. As you can see, giving notice is very important, and here are some tips to do it right!

Penalties For Apartment

How many days in advance you need to give notice before your lease is renewed, and it will also contain additional information whether or not there are any penalties for leaving your apartment earlier than your last day.

Verbally Informing

It’s important to have something to fall back on should you have any legal problems by putting your notice in writing. Verbally informing your landlord is not enough to let them know that you’re going to be moving.

Apartment Number


When you write the letter, make sure you write your full address as well as apartment number and the current date. Your intentions should be stated in detail such as when you’re looking to move out, and if you hope to get your deposit back, make sure you let management know.


Delivery Confirmation


Make sure you also include a forwarding address in your notice so that the landlord can forward your security deposit after moving out. If not delivering your letter in person, make sure you use the certified mail with delivery confirmation to help support your case.

Leaving early before the lease expires.


There are a variety of reasons why you may need to move out of your apartment before your lease expires such as money problems or change of employment. Instead of skipping rent, make sure you contact your landlord and try to negotiate in this situation. If he or she is compassionate enough, you may be allowed to leave early without any charges incurred or legal action.

Giving notice is an integral part of moving out of your apartment, and there’s absolutely no excuse for skipping this form of action. Not only can you be held financially liable, but there may be legal action taken against you if you don’t give notice as outlined in your lease agreement.